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69. Indian Fairy Tales, Edited by Joseph Jacobs Open Education Project OKFN, India. "Don't you disobey orders again!" grumbled the old hag, "or next time I'll leave you alone.

Indian fairy tales. Notes: Selected and edited by Joseph Jacobs, the book holds 29 Indian folktales. Author: Various Editor: Joseph Jacobs Published: 1910 Publisher: G. P. Putnam's Sons, New York...

The 'Indian Fairy Tales' are a collection of stories that are popular since the ancient times in India. These stories have been an important part of Indian lore and are connected to Lord Gautama Buddha...

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The Tiger, the Brahmin and the Jackal is a popular Indian fairy tale with a long history and many variants. Mary Frere included a version in her 1868 collection of Indian folktales, Old Deccan Days, the first collection of Indian folktales in English.

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The complete text of Indian Fairy Tales. Some-as Benfey in Germany, M. Cosquin in France, and Mr. Clouston in England-have declared that India is the Home of the Fairy Tale, and that all...

Indian Fairy Tales (Contes de fées indiens) - Bilingual English/French Book (Livre bilingue anglais/français). 77,75 ₽ 69,98 ₽. Предзаказ.
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